Business Planning

Strategic Planning

management-consultantsWe have expertise in all the areas you should consider to help you reach the high goals you have.

  •     Defining and clarifying your basic business concept.
  •     Identifying your products and/or services and determining their competitive advantages.
  •     Selecting the right markets to pursue.
  •     Showcasing the background and expertise of your management and key employees.
  •     Determining your strategy and specific actions to successfully implement it.
  •     Understanding your financial needs.

Tactical Planning

Current events often are not foreseen in the strategic plan.  Analysis, understanding and adjustment of the strategic implementation plan can be necessary to react to or take advantage of current reality to meet your enterprises near-term objectives and stay on course for meeting strategic goals.


We have expertise in comprehensive total cost of ownership, cost benefit analysis and return on investment understanding to assist choosing between multiple courses of action to ensure you meet your profit objectives.


Business planning is still a critical activity for not-for-profit organizations.  We work with not-for-profits, small and large, to assist them in achieving their chartered objectives and minimize expenses.

Product Development

Successful new products and services don’t just happen by accident.  Our expertise can help your bright ideas move from the drawing board to success in the marketplace.